Organized Desktop
Organized Desktop with integrated search powered by Google
Organized Desktop
  • iCafe Manager Desktop provides a useful and standardized Desktop environment to Cafe Users.
  • It has Google Search, News, Movies, Cricket Scores, Links to popular useful sites and Exciting Offers for your Cafe Users.
  • It provides shortcuts to most frequently used applications such as:
    1. Messengers: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, G-Talk
    2. Browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox
    3. My Computer
    4. My Documents
    5. My Network Places and more.
  • Standardized Desktop environment on all terminals.
  • It prevents Users from changing the look and feel or the settings of the terminal's desktop or deleting shortcuts.
  • Users don't have to search for their favorite applications and it eliminates your efforts of frequently creating these icons.
  • This greatly reduces your maintenance and troubleshooting efforts.