Inventory Management for Point of Sale
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
  • iCafe Manager has a complete Inventory Management System for your Cafe.
  • Products and Services sold in your cafe can be defined in the system.
  • iCafe Manager provides the option to secure these definition base on logins.
  • Every purchase is accounted in the system against an invoice.
  • Cafe Employee cannot change the Sale Price for their profits.
Add Service
  • iCafe Manager enables you to define services like Printing, CD Writing & Scanning offered in your Cafe.
  • These services can be sold to Users at a pre-defined Sale Price in your cafe.
Add Product
  • iCafe Manager maintains an inventory of various products like CDs, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Snacks & Computer Peripherals.
  • You can set a Warning Level for the in-stock quantity of each product.
  • An alert is raised whenever this level is reached.
Add Product Purchase
  • Purchase cost & quantity and Selling Price are maintained for each Product.
  • Detailed Inventory Reports help you make better purchase decisions, enhancing your profitability.