Internet Usage and Habits of Cyber Cafe Users – IMRB 2010
- 64% of Cyber Cafe Users are using Internet for the past 2 years

- More than 80% of the users have an Affluent Background

- 53% of the respondents feel the advertising creates an impulse to purchase products

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Internet In India ICube Report 2009 – 2010
- 37% of India Accesses Internet from Cyber Cafes

- Less than 10 lac population towns contribute 48% of the Internet Population

- Youth driving the Internet

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Cyber Cafe Audience Profiling Nielsen 2009
50% is Sec A and more than 75% is Sec AB.

More than 40% is employed.

91% Own Mobiles.

High Majority take buying decision for Electronics and Household Durables.

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